Russell Taylor: A summer of sanctimony

Do we want the right to offend people? Or subsumed into the crass Political correctness of the B.B.C. et al?

When my young daughter comes to me to let me know that someone has done something bad, I invariably tell her the same thing: don’t tell tales. It’s not that I don’t care if she’s been wronged; it’s just that I have a dislike of people who try to get others in trouble. Judging by recent news stories, our media appears to be made up of these finger-pointing tattlers. “He just said something naughty!” they cry, as if they think we’ll applaud them for their rectitude and allow them to prescribe a fitting punishment for the offender.

Last week, UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom ended up in hot water for referring to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’ in a speech criticising the government’s overseas aid policy. The liberal media gasped in outrage and Bloom was wheeled before Radio 4’s moral inquisitors to explain his faux pas. Bloom was initially unrepentant, stating that, “If I’ve…

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