Marx on Monday: Gibraltar

A good way to pass attention from the corruption to a more nationalistic matter!

I was in Malaga last week playing golf and decided to drive south to visit one of Britain’s last colonial outposts – the great rock of Gibraltar. Things did not go as smoothly as planned, however, and I found myself stuck in a six hour traffic jam whilst waiting to cross the frontier. Tempers were frayed as thousands of motorists queued impatiently in the 100 degree Fahrenheit heat, but one person seemed to find the whole spectacle most amusing.

He was a little Spaniard with a droopy moustache sat at the side of the road wrapped in a poncho and hidden beneath a giant sombrero. The angrier the motorists became and the more they aimlessly honked their horns the funnier he seemed to find things. Even beneath his disguise he looked vaguely familiar. At first I thought it might be Clint Eastwood, but then it came to me – it…

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