Russell Taylor: Illiberal liberalism

Recent reports have poured yet more doubt on the existence of manmade global warming. This got me to wondering what all those smug liberals would do if the world’s climate scientists did a complete about-turn overnight? I realise you’re more likely to see Kim Jong-Un twerking on MTV, but open your mind this otherworldly possibility for a moment and consider the question. What would they do? Throw their copies of the Guardian in the air and rejoice? Urge everyone to crank up their thermostats and tear down their wind turbines? Would they heck. They’d bitch and moan. They’d question the sanity and credentials of the scientists. They’d fish around for rival evidence to shore up the collapsing consensus. They might even cry a little. And if all that failed, they’d pack up their kitbags, decamp to a new crisis and start over.

Climate change was always a policy in search…

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