A Wry View on Statism

The War On Ugliness http://www.strike-the-root.com/war-on-ugliness

Statism drawn to its logical_conclusion.

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George Orwell ‘mediocre’? Should we send Will Self to Room 101? | Books | The Guardian


There is nothing more stomach churning than a mediocre left wing writer self aggrandising on the back of a true genius
Orwell’s true ‘crime’ was too eloquently realise the true horror of left wing politics.
Perhaps today the ill read, uneducated or state brainwashed have little inclination to get off the sofa in front of their plasma giant screens such is the sapping hand of welfarism to realise there is a life out there.

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Cameron faces Ukip by-election bloodbath: Party set to win first Commons seat after shock poll reveals Farage’s staggering 44-point lead over the Tories | Mail Online


This article is interesting for several reasons, UKIP effect may be greater than thought,perhaps there will be a sea change in U.K. politics? Anyway what I found incredible was the comment by Sir Nicholas Soames that Douglas Carswell was being disloyal to the party who gave him his seat in Parliament!
I thought the voters did?

There was I thinking we lived in a democracy where the people decide- I sure got it wrong!

No wonder people think he is a hero.

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George Galloway released from hospital after assault | Politics | The Guardian


A man with lots of obnoxious things to say, but he has the right to say them! The same does not seem to apply to us ordinary folk?
I don’t have the link but a candidate on the hustings was recently arrested for quoting a speech by Churchill.

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Carswell defection is a pivotal moment for Cameron’s Tories – FT.com


According to the f.t. there is no room for belief in Politicians over pragmatism I.e. morals don’t count when you are after power, neither do the worries of the people whom you represent. The main stream media seem to occupy the same gutter as most politicians.
There therefore seems little room today to listen or debate with the electorate at large, big brother knows best- if you have worries you are a racist, don’t understand or stupid?

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Rotherham child abuse scandal officials still continue to pass the buck | Mail Online


What we need is a £10million enquiry over several years to find out that no one was responsible!

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New book: About Face! Why the World Needs More Carbon Dioxide

Common sense perhaps?

Watts Up With That?


Below is a description and some of the early reviews posted on Amazon. (h/t to Poptech)

About Face! Why the World Needs More Carbon Dioxide is easy reading from two scientists and an economist. About Face! is the product of two scientists and an economist. The scientists are Madhav Khandekar in Canada and Cliff Ollier in Australia, plus economist Arthur Middleton Hughes in the USA.

It will change your understanding of climate science and explain how we can save millions of lives and billions of dollars per year.

Available on Amazon here

”If you are in the slightest doubt about what the climate change alarmists are trying to get us to do –and pay for — you should read this book.” –Dr. Peter Walsh, Geologist, London, England

”This book should be compulsory reading for everyone seriously interested in the Earth’s future –global warming alarmists included.” –Wyss Yim, Professor of Earth…

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